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Welcome to the Fine Art Studio, where artistic excellence thrives!

The Fine Art Studio is more, than a school; it’s a hub of creativity a nurturing ground for talent and a center for innovation. We are incredibly proud to have been recognized as the “Best Arts School in Noida” in 2019. The “Best Arts School in Delhi NCR” in 2022. Our mission is both simple and profound; to inspire, educate and uplift the generation of artists.

At Fine Art Studio, we believe in celebrating our students’ achievements. We provide opportunities for exhibitions, competitions, and industry collaborations to help you showcase your talent to the world.

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Join us at Fine Art Studio, where every stroke tells a story, and every creation is a masterpiece in the making. Let’s make art, make connections, and make history together!

Founder & Head of School

Rashmi Goel is a renowned professional artist and the esteemed Founder and Director of Fine Arts Studio. Hailing from a humble background, she has consistently pursued her passion for art, culminating in the attainment of her Masters degree in Fine Arts in 1999. Since then, she has dedicated herself to kindling creativity in young minds, offering her unique approach to inspire many. Her extensive contributions are chronicled in her published book series titled “CREATIVE WORLD,” which is available on platforms such as Amazon.

Rashmi Goel’s artistic style is characterized by vibrant and figurative compositions, reflecting her optimistic personality and a deep appreciation for the colors that represent life. Notably, her artwork featuring ‘Tigers Nest’ and ‘Green Tara’ has received international acclaim, showcasing the depth of her talent and artistic vision.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Rashmi Goel is committed to serving the underprivileged through her association with Sai Seva Sanstha. This demonstrates her dedication to using her talents and success for the betterment of society.

Recently, her exceptional efforts were recognized as Fine Arts Studio was honored with the prestigious Brand Impact Award by renowned Bollywood actress Preity Zinta. This award solidifies Fine Arts Studio’s position as the “Best Art School” in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, a testament to Rashmi Goel’s relentless pursuit of excellence and her impactful contributions to the world of art education.


A fine arts community that welcomes all backgrounds and perspectives.


Artists committed to ethical practices in their creative journey.


A supportive atmosphere where artists appreciate and value each other's work.


Fostering cooperation to create art that transcends individual visions.

The mission of Fine Art Studio is to inspire, educate, and uplift the generation of artists. It aims to go beyond being just a school and become a hub of creativity, a nurturing ground for talent, and a center for innovation. The focus is on celebrating students' achievements and providing opportunities for exhibitions, competitions, and industry collaborations to help them showcase their talent to the world.
The vision of Fine Art Studio is to create a creative community where every stroke tells a story and every creation is a masterpiece in the making. They strive to foster a vibrant and supportive environment that encourages artistic growth and connections. They aim to paint a brighter, more colorful future through art, collaboration, and a commitment to making history in the world of fine arts.

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